YourMondayMotivator: Balance, why you need it.

Recently I was having a conversation with my dad about balancing motors. It’s something you can easily do to a motor that will allow the motor to go better, give you better response from all speeds, more horsepower and it will be less likely to break. Bonus.

Having better balance though flows to all areas of your life. For example having both legs function the same means you walk straight, which puts less pressure on your back, which means your muscles are working properly and less likely to tighten and break. This happened to me a few months ago when I pulled a ligament in my foot which caused me to limp which started to create havoc. Not good.

How do you create balance? First you have to decide where you want to have balance. There is no point trying to balance everything all at once because it won’t work. In a motor you start with the crankshaft. Then move on to the things that connect to that.

So you work out where you want it and work backwards to the beginning point. For example you want balance at work. You might start at how you get ready for work, mindset. Or if that’s going a bit far how you get to work. How far away is it? How long do you spend in traffic. What can you do to minimise the time you’re in traffic?

To get balance you need to start at the beginning. Always.

Want to get balance in your week? Today is a great day to start.


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YourMondayMotivator: The practice of doing good

How often do you consciously do good? … Think about it for a minute. …

Donating to a cause, or a traffic light window washer, doesn’t count. The answer is probably never. You never consciously do good because it’s ingrained in most of us to help others and be socially good.

The purposeful practice of doing good is hard. You have to be very aware of what you are doing and being “in the moment” is not as easy as it sounds. The reason is that our brain likes to create habits that then run automatically in the background freeing your brain to just get on with things. Driving becomes like this and leads us to falsely believe we can text whilst driving. However your attention has completely left the room and you really are a danger.

Some simple examples of being good; letting someone into a queue of traffic, listening to someone elses opinion and taking it seriously, being honest and kind at the same time, smiling, saying hello to a stranger who you make eye contact with, walking with your head up.

You might not consider these being “good” but in my opinion they will make a difference to how the world sees you and how you see the world. Practising being good means that instead of running on autopilot you will notice when you are good. Try it, it will make a big difference to your day.

On a bigger scale imagine if countries could practice doing good. Eventually it would become a habit. And then leading by example they would inspire other countries to do good.

YourMondayMotivator: Why you should practice sustained effort in things you can’t do well

After 20 years in business, I started young, there are still a lot of sales based things I find difficult to do. Cold calling for example. It’s nerve wracking and there are a multitude of excuses to put it off. For example:

  • We’re busy and can’t fit in any more clients
  • It’s Monday they will be getting their head around what they’re doing this week
  • It’s Tuesday and I’ve got meetings to prepare for
  • It’s Friday. Who wants a sales call on a Friday
  • People call me when they’re ready – yeah right.

Terrible excuses really and ones that potentially hold your business back

I’ve even hired people to do it for me. Problem is they’re not me and there is a huge amount of knowledge in my head that always has the answer.

The stakes are higher now my business is more mature. I call well further up the chain if I can. To the top most of the time because they’re the ones making the decisions that affect whether or not we can help. Big companies too hence the nerves.

Last week I couldn’t put it off any longer and started making calls. And you what it wasn’t that bad. I just needed to do it. Made some appointments even. Choice!

This week when you come up with an excuse not to do something, and you will, don’t think, act. That pushing outwards of your confidence and the sustained effort you put into practicing that will make you grow. And once you’ve grown your confidence and skills they never shrink back.

That’s really how you grow. Seems simple when I read this but I know from experience it’s not. Keeping on doing it though will add a depth to your life not everyone has. That makes you useful, for ever.

YourMondayMotivator: My drug of choice

I was thinking about a meeting I had recently and how fired up I got about ideas, systems and processes. I love that stuff. Thinking about how things work together to form a kick arse whole.

Then the work.

That’s where it all goes pear shaped for me. That’s the boring stuff. The stuff that takes ages to do – when I don’t want to do it that is – but it’s the vital stuff. It’s the stuff that gets things moving. It’s the stuff people sign off on that gives them a clear idea of what they are paying for and taking responsibility for.

These days I have a great team to do a lot of that for me. But there is still a lot of stuff I have to do myself. That stuff can be a downer for me. I want the big hit of the ideas and the energy that comes from them. Maybe not every day. But several times a week.

So, ideas are my drug of choice. What’s yours?

YouMondayMotivator: The difference between amateurs and professionals

James Clear recently wrote, “Professionals set a schedule and stick to it. Amateurs wait until they feel inspired or motivated.”

That’s a big difference. Schedules and plans are the sign you’re on a mission and will get the job done or reach your goal. Hoping and wishing will get you nowhere.

There is a big idea out there that visualising the life you want will mean the Universe aligns itself to your command and things will start to happen that mean you get what you want. However there is a big caveat to that. You probably missed the part where it says you will get what you want but it might not be in the form you wished for. Hmmmm. That doesn’t sound like you are guaranteed to get what you wanted.

The part that is missing that will guarantee you get what you wanted is practice, work, focus and observation. Professionals know this and they take the steps that need to be taken.

In my experience when I want something bad enough, that I’m thinking about it all the time, I start to notice things that align with that thing. People, actions and discussions open up opportunities I didn’t know, or hadn’t noticed, were there before. But it takes work. I have to stick to it and want it long enough for the momentum to build to a point where I can’t help but get it. In the case of my Lamborghini Gallardo that is going be be some time yet. But it will happen and there are other projects to do in the meantime.

Are you a professional in the job you turned up to or the thing you are passionate about? Are you really? Are you doing the work that is the difference between a professional and a dreamer? Making the step up to professional might not mean your Lydia Ko. But it might mean you do more and get more than you than your dreams could ever provide.

Have a great week.

YourMondayMotivator: What’s up with Mondays?

The Monday Blues. I don’t like Mondays. Oh no! It’s Monday. The list of why Monday is the worst day of the week goes on and on and on.

Monday Blues

Why is it that Monday gets such a bad rap? Your first thought as you read that is going to be, “Because it’s Monday and I have to go back to work.”


What is so bad about going to work? Why is the weekend that much more enjoyable than the what you do during the week?

Work is not a swear word. Work is just a name for the actions we take to complete a job or service for someone. The reason we can take those actions is because we have made decisions in our lives that have lead us to a point of competence.

That’s right we have made decisions to learn things that lead us to learn other things that lead us to compete for jobs where we could do more of those things and so increase our competence.

So why does it suck so much to go and to those things each week? It shouldn’t right? Because at one stage we really wanted to learn those things.

If it’s killing you to turn up each week, to do the things you wanted you do in the first place, you need to stop and have a think why.

Once you’ve found the why and taken the steps to fix it you will once again be fired up to go to work on a Monday. Monday is the best day of the week. It’s a new beginning. That’s exciting.

Have a great week.

YourMondayMotivator: Teamwork and Communication. Thoughts from the weekends Ecolight Targa Sprint.

Communication plays a big part in our everyday lives. It can bring us information quickly. It can make us happy or sad or angry.

Miscommunication plays just as big a part and can lead to arguments, or in the case of racing, a big crash.

Over the weekend I co-drove in the Ecolight Targa Sprint Tour. It’s an event where you can drive your sports car on closed roads at very high speeds. It’s not a race. It’s a fun event with the emphasis on fun and safety. It was fantastic and I learned a lot.


Targa is a blind rally run with a route book and no reconnaissance. You have to drive the road as you see it with minimal notes and directions. So even though we weren’t racing we had to know what was coming up. Be it a flat out open corner or a hairpin just over the brow of a hill.

So here’s what I learned very quickly at very high speeds and asking veterans a lot of questions.

Quick communication
You need to have a language you can both understand

Meaning / Clarity
When you say something does the other person understand it instantly

Did they hear you?
Make sure you have acknowledgement or repeat what you said.

Distance shortens a lot when moving at high speed – do you know what’s ahead?
Knowing before you get to a caution will put you in a good position to bring your car home in one piece.

The above applies directly to your work and family communication. You need to take the job of being a Co-Driver seriously to get yourself and your team home. We are all Co-Drivers in one relationship or another and I think the list above is a good start to help you being a great one.

YourMondayMotivator: I’m annoyed

I’ve been annoyed lately. Not the kind where you yell, “Numpty!”. The kind where you go “Grrrr.” in your head.

Prepare to be annoyed

When you’re really annoyed and you’re going, “ARGH!!”, in that moment. Because it’s that moment that has tipped you over the edge of, let’s call it sanity, and you’ve lost your cool. Impatience has got the better of you, and you’re upset, and you show it, and you let the person know you’re really annoyed.

That moment %%First Name%% is the culmination of a lot of events and stuff. For example: lack of sleep, lack of exercise, lack of food and lack of time out or space.

Think back to a time when you were really annoyed. …. Got one? …. Great. Now keep going back through the days and weeks preceding that moment. …. Now stop and slowly come forwards and note what you see. How were you sleeping? Did you do any exercise? Were you just eating on the run?

There will be a time when you thought to yourself, “I’m too busy to stop.”. That was your mind telling you you really need to stop and take a moment. That was the time you actually tipped over the edge. It probably just passed you by.

Here’s the hard thing. You need to do a thing a day, or every few days, so you don’t get to the tipping point. It’s doesn’t have to be much. From my experience a brisk walk, 10 minutes breathing, or eating at the table is enough to give my mind a break and enjoy a day.

Those moments when impatience gets the better of you can really wear down relationships. Be they with colleagues, staff or family. Taking responsibility for your own patience is a great start. Being mindful of others is another.

Have a great week.


P.S. And I have to say I was very annoyed this morning when I shut down a program and deleted my first draft of today’s MondayMotivator. Oh no! will this one be as good as the first copy? I hope so. Will be shorter. Had to chuckle though right. I am writing about being annoyed. Ha!


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YourMondayMotivator: So, who do you think you are?

Like the Spice Girls sing who do you think you are is an interesting question because, whomever you think you are, you are. ….

Spice Girls

When you were young you used to play and act and pretend to be people and things you weren’t. You lost yourself in that person or thing for a moment and you were happy. Really happy.

Life has endeavoured to take those moments from most of us and replace them with work, boredom, inefficiencies and stuff. It doesn’t seem a fair trade.

The thing is though you can always be whomever you want to be, at any time. You just have to decide to be that person.

For example if you want to be a better runner you could research how good runners run. Find out what makes them so efficient, and their running appear almost effortless, and then copy them. Maybe get a coach to give you some tips and help you develop the habits of the running style that is most efficient for your body. By acting and thinking like a good runner you would become one.

Yes there are limitations but you would definitely become better and that’s the point isn’t it? You want to be better than you are now. You want more for yourself than you have. You can be %%First Name%%.

First decide what you want to be or do do, research the heck out of it, implement the points you find, keep practising the ones that work for you to develop a habit, and change will follow. Keep it up and the change will be permanent. Be inspired by play and dreams, and the best part of being a child imagination, will quickly instill itself back in your life.

Have a great week.

YourMondayMotivator: Knowing your fate will set you free.

I was watching an interview with 50 Cent over the weekend that has really struck a chord with me. Actually I watched several hip-hop artist interviews because they are honest with how they are living to get to where they are – at the top.

They are smart men and very wealthy men who know their audience well. Mostly because they were once their audience and decided to grab a hold of their thoughts and through music fight their way up. And it would have been a fight. To stay alive even.

A lot of these guys have been in life threatening situations that taught them to live and I thought this follows on well from last weeks MondayMotivator.

“The more that you are aware of your fate, the higher the probability you have a chance to live. So you’re a little more free.” – 50 Cent

50 Cent

You are going to die but if you haven’t been in a life threatening situation you are probably just cruising through Life. I’ve been in several life threatening situations that I felt I was very lucky to survive. Some of my own making and some not.

These situations impressed upon me that I am going to die but did they impress upon me the that I have a chance to live?

I believe they did because I continue to push myself to learn and grow. To be better each day. Sometimes I fail at that. But the difference is I can now choose to learn from that failure.

Life threatening situations are different for every one. Having to speak to a big audience can be just as life threatening as dropping a bike at 170km/h. However in reality it’s not. You are not going to physically die on stage, when making a cold call or speaking up about a concern in a meeting.

This week if you’re in a situation that makes you nervous think about the worst thing that can happen – you could get shot 9 times like 50 Cent, your child could be really sick and you have no idea what is happening as they are rushed to hospital – and then relate that back to your situation. … It’s not that bad right? Make a decision, be free and live.